Joint Custody Vs Sole Custody

When the court orders joint custody, both parents are involved in the child’s upbringing, much like they would have been during their marriage. This arrangement may take the form of shared physical custody, wherein children move back and forth between each parent’s home, or it might take the form of shared legal custody, wherein both parents make decisions about the […]

All you need to know about family law

The purpose of family law is to protect and maintain the rights and well-being of families. These rights include a right to life, a safe environment for children, and to prevent harmful behavior. In Canada, the legal recognition of same-sex relationships has been expanded. This represents a long-awaited sea change in the heterosexual norm. Family law provides a framework to […]

How to Defend Yoursef Against a Domestic Violence Claim

Whether you are charged with domestic violence, aggravated assault or a similar crime, there are several ways to defend yourself. These include a General denial defense, a Self-defense defense, Protective orders and more. Defending a domestic violence case is no walk in the park. Fortunately, you do not have to slog it out alone. A competent Houston domestic violence defense […]

Legal Consequences of Failing to Pay Child Support

The child support program works to locate the parent who owes support. It searches through state, federal, and local resources. Once a parent is identified, the program contacts them and requests the necessary information. This information is necessary for the case to move forward. There is no fee for the service. The process can take several months. Child support can […]